ANFANG UND AUFSTEIG: Beginning and Rise by Lotte Lehmann
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ANFANG UND AUFSTEIG: Beginning and Rise

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Rarely does one find a book of reminiscences so vital and so engaging as this one, random notes made on various long train journeys when on tour in America. The child of a humble official in a little German town, she tells of her earliest recollections there, then of her schooling in Berlin. Through the insistence of a neighbor, she was sent to Fraulein Tiedke and began a long period of training for her eventual career as a singer. Many difficulties, both personal and financial, arose and were surmounted before she received universal acclaim as a Lieder-singer. Hamburg, Vienna, Paris, London, New York, and Salzburg occasion the majority of these reminiscences, and she pays generous tribute to the fellow-artists she has known well, Toscanini, Bruno Walter, Caruso, Geraldine Farrar, etc. The whole is written with warmth and fluency, and there is great charm throughout in its simple artlessness and sincerity.

Publisher: Herbert Reichner Verlag-Leipzig