ETERNAL FLIGHT by Lotte Lehmann


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It is incredible that this book should have won a good press abroad. It is an hysterical, unconvincing sonata appassionata --a novel, which has no excuse for being other than the authenticity of the opera background, but which -- on Lotte Lehmann's name and fame will win a certain consideration to which neither content nor form entitle it. A double story:- first the story of twin sisters, beautiful each in her way, both unhappy in love, becoming a success fou as dancers; second an opera singer, her past and present. In the end intertwined plots. If you can take such lush and slush as ""you are flame burning within me"" -- ""drink deep the cup of life"" -- a kiss equalling ""an abyss which engulfed them both"" -- and down the gamut of cliches -- go to it.

Pub Date: Nov. 5th, 1937
Publisher: Putnam