COLD WATER by Lou Lipsitz


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These poems are a mixture of the raw, personal statement and the vernacular, a good deal of sensitivity and desperation, and a kind of proletarianism particular to the 1930's (updated here with Los Angeles Riots-August, 1965). It is an oddly old-fashioned and yet current from of social protest and personal expression; and still peculiarly impressive. For whatever ideologies and experiences have shaped these poems about dreary jobs, routines, institutions, their cry in favor of individuality and ""roots"" has a rasping sincerity. Beauty in ugliness, ""Cash registers shining in the dimness of bars, stolid as the helmets of soldiers at a crucifixion,"" dull reality versus idea, are juxtaposed with an urgent earnestness that is often touching, arresting.

Publisher: Wesleyan Univ. Press