JUST LIKE SISTERS by LouAnn Gaeddert


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An undemanding treatment of a single problem, as faced by Carrie, an only child delighted that cousin Kate will be spending the summer with her, ""just like a sister."" But Kate, whose mother has left the family to live her own life in New York City, is silent and hostile. She's especially resentful of Carrie's best friend Alice, whose mother has five children and bakes bread and health-food cookies. Finally, at the lake, Kate pulls a dangerous trick on Alice; Carrie lashes out at Kate; and Kate runs away. When she's found, her parents work out her living arrangements--which won't be with Carrie's family--and their new assurances that they ""both love me very much"" make for a nicer Kate, who will henceforth visit Carrie as a cousin if not a sister. As far as such light treatments go, Kate's behavior is realistic, Carrie and her parents nice and sympathetic, and the solution reasonable.

Pub Date: Oct. 29th, 1982
Publisher: Dutton