THE GAY ILLITERATE by Louella O. Parsons


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Autobiography of the so-called ""First Lady of Hollywood"", who has built her reputation on knowing all -- and telling it first, about the cinema great. She writes of how she started, as a scenarist in the first days of movies; how she went to Chicago and New York as motion picture columnist, and won the friendship of Hearst. Illness sent her to California, where -- after a year --she was well enough to settle permanently in Hollywood, and eventually became the confidante and loudspeaker for film celebrities. There are bits about many of them, from Theda Bara on; about her scoops and the opposition; about her radio programs, her happy marriage, her life of excessive ebullience, all told in superlatives, exuding cheer and kind words. She has her following -- but is it a book reading public? I'd question it.

Publisher: Doubleday, Doran