MY NATIVE LAND by Louis Adamic


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An important book but not as absorbing as some of Louis Adamic's previous books. His ""native land"" is Yugoslavia; he is a Slovene, and in this text, written at white heat, he gives the other side of the picture from that popularly shown in Ruth Mitchell's The Serbs Choose War, (see P. 328) -- and from the glorified conceptions of Mihailovitch generally accepted. He explains the Croatian massacre of Serbians as Nazi inspired and engineered; he claims that the Chetnik and Mihailovitch forces have gone fascist, that the real guerilla fighting against the Axis is being done by the Partisans; he amplifies Padev's contention that the Balkans are pro-Russian and to a large extent pro-Communist -- he feels rightly so. The book is detailed --convincing; circumstantial evidence backed by authoritative source material; it is courageous in its indictment of the venality and stupidity of the ""other side"" and he does not hesitate to name names, not only Yugoslavian (chiefly Serbian) but British and American and Italian. Not always easy reading, but an important spotlight on a coming battlefield.

Pub Date: Nov. 3rd, 1943
Publisher: Harper