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THE EAGLE AND THE ROOTS by Louis Adamic Kirkus Star



Publisher: Doubleday

An exciting but difficult book, which amply rewards the concentration necessitated on the part of the reader. Some will seek in its crowded pages an answer to the mystery of the author's death, but more will read it remembering Native's Return and seeking again a perceptive appraisal of Yugoslavia today, the dramatic break with the Soviet, the role the country plays now, and the key to the personality of Tito. Had Adamic lived to complete his work on the text, some of the difficulties might have been ironed out. As it stands, it seems occasionally repetitive, incoherent, overlong; inevitably the names are difficult for the American; and basically Adamic was himself seeking, exploring, weighing the evidence. What comes through is a triumphant portrait of a nation newly born from travail, led by a magnetic, brilliant, inspired and dedicated man. Communist to the core -- the people who have performed the miracle of survival feel that it is Russia through her leaders that have diverged. They ask understanding. Adamic shows what hurdios must be taken, with misunderstanding and ignorance each of the other. They hope for aid to make themselves self- supporting, to give them a chance to build an industrial strength that will make a decent living standard possible, despite the block put in their way by the denunciation of the power behind the Iron Curtain. Adamic himself, though returning to his native land, found much to puzzle him, not only in what was happening, but why. In these pages, the reader shares his pilgrimage, reads sometimes conflicting testimony, explores the baffling contradictions of the war years, and sees ""Tito"" -- Brez for most of the period, in the step by step growth from a poverty-striken boyhood in a tiny hamlet to the role of an inspired leader. His magnetism, his tremendous ability, his consistent development, all emerge from the record. An important contribution to understanding a country and a people who hold the key to one vital facet in the future...