KENNY by Louis Bromfield


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Three long short stories: Kenny, a charming and rather eerie tale of a fawn-like boy who wins a place for himself on an Ohio farm, grows up there, and when the war brings an end to his life, finds a way to return through his friend and a stray dog and a baby; Retread, story of a man who feels impelled to get combat duty in World War II, tries to vie with the son he adores in the Pacific, and his return to the town where he had been billeted in 1918 where he finds that he has another son, and that he can do nothing about it. The third story, The End of the Road, is scarcely more than a bit of reminiscence- a final chapter in a personality profile of an American fast-stepper on the make... Three stories, good enough, but not important either as top drawer short stories- or as adding to Bromfield's reputation.

Pub Date: May 28th, 1947
Publisher: Harper