FROM MY EXPERIENCE by Louis Bromfield


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For all readers who have found the Malabar Farm books the most rewarding of Mr. Bromfield's writings, news of another book recording not only the latest of that fruitful experiment in reclamation in Ohio, but adding the little known data on his South American experiment, Malabar do Brasil, will indeed be welcome. One could wish he has been a bit more sharply selective -- or allowed his editors leeway in delation of repetitive passages and material, but despite the rather haphazard impression of random pieces brought together, the reader, at the end, finds himself greatly enriched by the experience of reading them. He apologizes now and again for bursts of indignation about the inadequacies of his fellow farmers, the shortcomings of American youth, the inconsistencies of the government in interfering at the wrong times and in the wrong ways. But set against this the positive contribution Mr. Bromfield records of achievement in conservation and restoration of soil, the success of the overall goal of reduced costs in labor and machinery, and increased yield, through green mulch, planting of corn stripped into cover crops, his new process of drawing air through hay to dry it, the immense success of his pig program, and many other contributions he has made- and he is entitled to occasional bouts of ill temper! Urban readers will find much of the book too technical. But all readers will enjoy occasional bits now and again, human interest, animal sketches -- and the challenging sections about the experiment in Brazil. This will sell on the Bromfield name beyond the agricultural market where it actually should be promoted.

Pub Date: June 8th, 1955
Publisher: Harper