THE BLUE WITCH by Louis Capron
Kirkus Star


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A highly satisfying kind of sea story, with the trappings of mystery, suspenseful plotting, memorable characterizations, and a note of success at the close. Casual but highly suspicious beginnings see the arrival of David Scott's step uncle, Gideon, at the Scott's Vermont farm. He lifts not a finger to work but somehow persuades David's father to turn over to him not only his savings, but his son, year old David, to do his share in making a fortune for them all with a ship in the China rade. When Gideon and David leave, their trail weaves sharply, splits, comes together again in Florida, where blackguards and circumstances of their plotting prevent establishing rightful ownership of the Blue Witch. In the process of gaining this end, there is no arbitrary sifting of right from wrong. Justice is ultimately done, but one feels it is the outgrowth of character rather than of sharp ethical definition. It makes good reading.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1957
Publisher: Holt