YOUR BIBLE by Louis Cassels


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The author of the widely syndicated weekly column, Religion in America, here undertakes to meet the needs of those who find Bible reading a hurdle. He feels that while as literature it is valuable, it must be read primarily as evidence of the ways in which God speaks to man. While cognizant of the errors, the contradictions, the confusion attendant on viewing the Bible literally, he is equally aware of the dangers of radical skepticism. Among the various editions now available, he prefers the Revised Standard Version and his illustrations are taken from that. This is not a substitute for reading the Bible, rather it is a ""road map,"" a practical and logical plan of reading, in order to get at the essential substance, to avoid the pitfalls, to achieve an understanding and appreciation. Some will take issue with his advice to start with the New Testament, beginning with Luke, going on to Acts, then back to John, the letters, Matthew, and finally Revelation. His approach to the Old Testament is equally unorthodox; the general emphasis is on the history of the Jews and the development of the monotheistic ideal.

Publisher: Doubleday