THE AMERICAN by Louis Dodge
Kirkus Star


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Rather a stupendously moving book, in its quiet simplicity and power. There is nothing in it that has not been told before in story and song and the saga of a people, but in juxtaposition this tale of a New Englander, driven ever onward to seek out new fields to conquer, and encompassing, in his own life, the push that brought him away from dogmatic creeds to the opening lands of Illinois to raise his family, then, caught by the contagion of the gold rush -- and by something that would not be stilled in his own heart -- on across the plains and mountains to the Gold Coast, where he found what he sought -- then back again, through perils undreamed to his own farm,-- this tale crystallizes many others, and gives them new reality and strength. Grand Americans -- and mighty good reading. Sell to all who like historical fiction with an American background, and to men and women with enough red blood in their veins to enjoy a tale of struggle and hardship.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1934
Publisher: Messner