YOUR NERVES: How to release emotional tensions by Louis E. MD Bisch

YOUR NERVES: How to release emotional tensions

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Nerves under control are an asset, not a liability, says Dr. Bisch. In the same practical way that he approached the subject of nerve disorders in Be Glad You're Neurotic, he handles the array of ""symptoms"" of emotional tensions to which most people, at some time or other, find themselves addicted. The importance of understanding these symptoms and coping with them is stressed, and he makes one feel fully competent to take care of one's own nerves. Sex emotions, sleeplessness, boredom, irritability, excessive smoking and drinking, fears, phobias, etc. -- each factor is intelligently analyzed, without undue emphasis on neuroticism, and in such a way that its better understanding leads naturally to constructive control and cure. He accepts the need of professional advice to insure this understanding at the start.

Pub Date: April 10th, 1945
Publisher: Wilfred Funk