THE GOEBBELS DIARIES- 1942-1943 by Louis- Ed. & Trans. Loohner


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May Book of the Month selection- plus curiosity about Goebbels' private view of what went on during the fateful years that covered America's first two years as a participant -- the African campaign- the capitulation of Italy- failure looming large on the Eastern front- collapse of morale within Germany as bombings grew heavier, German air defense weaker, and the hunger of the people weakened resistance. The man himself emerges from these fragments (much of the diary had been burned, much was repetitive):- arrogant, conceited, unscrupulous, but unflagging in his devotion to Hitler, abusive of those even of his close associates for whom he had no use, determined to exterminate the European Jews, violent in his denunciations of Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin, etc. There is little that is actually newsworthy, though the uncertainties as to Sweden and Switzerland are interesting and revealing; the scorn for the Italians not surprising; the fact of unpreparedness on the Western Front comes as news too late. His style is incredibly bad (for one who fancied himself as a writer) -- and -- frankly -- I found the Diaries rather dull, colorless, and lacking in human interest (which made the Ciano Diaries so interesting). Important as contributing to the overall record, but the actual reader interest is not as great as anticipated.

Publisher: Doubleday