A TREASURY OF RIBALDRY by Louis- Ed. Untermeyer


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Mr. Untermeyer enters fully into the spirit of the matter at hand- a through-the-ages survey of literary comment on man's primitive sensualities- with the sense of organization and delight that has marked his many other anthologies. This is as long as it is lusty and gay. The scope is from the ancients to the moderns, from the poems of Anacreon and Catullus to passages from novels and stories by Ray Bradbury and by Jean Dutourd and the stops- for bedding down and banquet table- along the way include the passing passions of Giacamo Casanova, the advice of Benjamin Franklin on choosing a mistress, the Wife of Bath's account of her men and ""A Sampler of Modern Ribald Verse"" from such as Thomas Hardy, Dorothy Parker, e.e. cummings and the editor himself, Untermeyer's comments, placed every so often within and between sections gear the tenor of love, or lust and indicate something of the social conditions and quality of mind that brought forth the particular bit of prose or poetry. For those with a literary sweet tooth sexually aware, this should make a satisfying and perhaps satiating meal. As a reference tool, it supplies a competent gathering of literature's high points of passion, gluttony and drunkenness as well as a scholarly definition of the western world's favorite brand of humor. Nor is the sales value to be underestimated.

Pub Date: Dec. 3rd, 1956
ISBN: 0595179207
Publisher: Doubleday- Hanover House