THAT MAN IS YOU by Louis Evely
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If only one current book could be chosen for Lenten -- indeed for year-round -- meditation the selection might well be Abbe Louis Evely's masterful That Man Is You. For here the message of the Gospels is brought up to date with clarifying directness and force, so that the import of Christ's teaching is fully understandable in the context of life today. Abbe Evely, a young Belgian priest, is director of College Cardinal Mercier, and is well known in Europe as a writer and speaker. He brings his wide experience to bear on this brilliant treatment of Scriptural texts clearly intended to be pastoral rather than exegetical. The modern treatment of the parable of the Good Samaritan, for example, is stunningly alive as he relates it. The fact that the book is set in ""thought phrases"" rather than in conventional paragraph form makes it even more readable and provocative. In his preface, Yves Congar, O.P. says of That Man Is You, ""The Gospels come to life so that we seem to be reading or hearing them for the first time."" Readers will feel the impact of this unusual approach as soon as they've finished a few pages.

Publisher: Newman