L'ÉCOLE DES CADAVRES: School for the Dead by Louis-Ferdinand CÉline

L'ÉCOLE DES CADAVRES: School for the Dead

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In line with CÉline's degenerate, perverted pieces of personal history are his politico-social contributions, Bagatelles For A Hassacre and School For The Dead. The second duplicates almost entirely the rabid, imbecilic imprecations of the first. CÉline's platform of fascism and anti-Semitism tallies closely with that of Hitler and consists primarily of these premises: the democracies will be the cause of war -- they are run by Jews; (President Roosevelt is really a Rosenfeld, etc. etc.) the Jews are enslaving the world; the Soviet is a synagogue established by Jewish bankers; Jewry must be destroyed if Hitler is to accomplish his pacifistic aims, and so on. A ""downpour of bile"" -- which despite its lunatic and frenzied rant, has to recommend it CÉline's amazing and powerful idiom.

Publisher: Ã‰ditions Denoël