THIS IS OUR WORLD by Louis Fischer


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Over the years Louis Fischer's preocupation with the diverse roles of Gandhi and Stalin have given him intimate knowledge of both Russia and India. Of Men and Politics revealed still wider concern. Now, in this three times round the world encompassed by Europe and Asia, Fischer has been able to check and doublecheck his findings. He reports from top level down, and his report serves to set the contemporary scene for drawing conclusions. His own conclusions are of less importance in the end impression than the vivid picture one gets of place and people, of points of view, of government and politics, of nationalism on the march, of relative importance- one area against another. From England to continental Europe, to Asia (India, Burma, Thailand, Indo-china, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines); back again to Europe, this time including France and Italy, Germany, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Israel. Always he weighs the role of Communism, and- for the most part-leaves the impression that Moscow has had more setbacks than victories, that China is proving more of a problem than a solution, that we still can avoid war. There's a wide span of valuable information here, and this is a book that bears close study, challenge, comprehension. At times his open criticism of policies of Washington (and other national capitals) may rouse antagonism, but the criticism is soundly reasoned and salutary. A book that is needed.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1955
Publisher: Harper