THIS IS MY STORY by Louis Francis Budenz


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A book to make all Reds see red -- but among the much larger audience of the conservatives (those to whom I Chose Freedom is a bible) many will find satisfaction and seemingly more solid substantiation for the point of view they support... Here is the autobiography of the one-time editor of The Daily Worker whose repudiation of Communism, hook, party line and Stalin, made front pages and created plenty of news- worthy discussion. Bearing in mind the success of the Kravchenko book, one is reasonably safe in predicting that this will sell. It certainly bears close watching, with the publisher's confidence and a first printing of 25,000 backed by wide advertising. Budenz was brought up in a deeply Catholic tradition, but left the Church when he married a divorcee. Associated with various liberal movements, participating actively in labor problems, eventually he overrode his disagreements with Communism and landed in the Communist camp, joining the Party officially in 1935. He recounts the many religio-political duels which followed, as defects became apparent; he realized that he was under the ""domination of forms and forces that stood for world conquest in the name of Stalin"". Here too is the ""mental concentration camp"" of the party line, the direct control from Russia, the undercover techniques, and- most difficult for Budenz- the rejection of Catholicism by the Party. In 1943, he rejoined the Church, under the guidance of Monsignor Sheean, and with exaltation found himself again in the faith, the ""source of beauty and moral strength"" denied him by Communism.... Undoubtedly, this book will secure backing of the Church, and of the powerful anti-Communistic blocs. All of which will contribute to sales. So- watch it.

Pub Date: March 17th, 1947
ISBN: 143261861X
Publisher: Whittlesey House