THE ART OF INDIA Temples and Sculpture by Louis Frederic
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THE ART OF INDIA Temples and Sculpture

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The prodigious outpouring of sculpture in India expresses not only a highly sophisticated aesthetic sense but the complex religious expression of this vast melange of Buddhists, Jains, Hindus, and Moslems. Contrary to much of Western art, the religious feelings of India seem best to be expressed in the voluptuous, the sensual and the erotic. In a civilization spanning four thousand years, the Indian has developed in terms of forms, concepts and materials. But consistent, almost from the very beginning, has been his unique ability to combine repose and abandon, lushness and reserve, the carnal and the aesthetic. In this handsome addition with its introduction by Jean Nadou, its 424 gravure illustrations, its historical summary, explicit notes, and indices, the reader is introduced to the India of stone, paint and bronze, an India of many dimensions whose daring expressiveness is comfortably embraced within the demands of conventionalized forms. A strikingly beautiful book for libraries, and for individuals with a serious interest in sculpture and Orientalia.

Publisher: Abrams