MR. EMMANUEL by Louis Golding
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Those of us who read Magnolia Street and Five Silver Daughters with avidity have slowly lost faith in Golding's staging a come-back. BUT -- in this he has done it again. Mr. Emmanuel belongs with the other immortals of Magnolia Street, his home, made lonely by the death of his wife, and desolate by the impending ""retirement"" from business, backs onto the simple home to which Mr. Silver has descended. And once again Golding has given us a warmly sympathetic character, an old man whose heart is bigger than his body, and who undertakes a seemingly hopeless task just out of friendship for a German exile lad, whose Aryan mother has ceased to write to him. The urge to achieve his goal carries him through incredible hardships, as the Nazis seize upon him as a suspicious character, because of his fearless questionings, and make him the scapegoat for his race. A new type of story about Nazi Germany, through the experiences of an inconspicuous English Jew. Far and away the best thing Golding has given us in five years.

Pub Date: July 21st, 1939
Publisher: Viking