SOCIETY OF MAN by Louis J. Halle


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The book has the somewhat pretentious appearance of vintage political philosophy. In fact, it is a repetition, with some illustrative examples here, of the viewpoint already proposed in Men and Nations--""...a simple dualism, based on the elementary distinction between the tangible world and the conceptual world."" The opening section indicates, in terms of standard American practice, that the tangible world is completely without order but is explained and then affected by an accepted conceptual view. Marxism is then cited as the extreme example. It not only tried to make history logical but attempted to make the future conform to its vision; the result has been a compromise arising from the interplay of reality and theory. The author has worked in both the practical and academic sides of politics and obviously is keenly aware of the distinction. He admits, though, that it' is rather banal, and while he recommends this book as an introduction to lien and Nations, it seems unnecessary. The final section does offer something new-a vision of the Future. By adding evolution to the original ingredients, Mr. Halle suddenly comes up with the idea that we have progressed to a turning point where the nation state idea has become obsolete and will be replaced by a world grouping. As presented here this statement seems based neither on fact nor a logical formula.

ISBN: 0313209421
Publisher: Harper & Row