GRAND RIGHT AND LEFT by Louis Kronenberger


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Deft -- tossed salad of wit and those sly, unfinished utterances, which has to do with a monstrous extravaganza. When the richest man in the world ails, and his third wife calls in an opportunist of a medico -- and when all fancies (Mr. Cary still heeds the facts of his financial empire) fail -- it is the ultra of ultra collecting that calls him to life. Jaded and ennuied, Gordon Cary is rallied when the challenge of assembling celebrities is brought to him, via Dr. Haines who gets the idea from Isabel (definitely a woman who knows where she wants to stay and who will not cede her position as the wife of the richest man to anyone). 80000 -- we have a satirical writer, an English duke, and a French diplomat -- and his seductive niece, and the attendant civilities and scurrilities on their tenure in the 300 room, blocks-long New York City mansion. You can take your international angles, social notes -- and you will still end up with quite a bit of human nature...Not shy in the high comedy field, but with a neat exactitude of contrived commentary, this will hit the prestige- sophistication market -- not where it hurts, but where it might make an impression.

Pub Date: Feb. 21st, 1952
Publisher: Viking