A MONTH OF SUNDAYS by Louis Kronenberger


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Serenity House is run for ""guests"" with unlimited funds, inadequate adjustments to life, and, generally, unswerving personalities. The feud that brews between Mrs. Vizard, at a dinner she is giving, and Mrs. Bannerman lengthens into a no-holds-barred strategy of retaliation in which the latter takes advantage of the party TV star Joy Arabesk builds up for her husband, Toby Sigstein. For Mrs. Vizard has not been invited and Mrs. Bannerman outmaneuvers Toby's wife, and a blizzard imprisons permanent and party guests alike. Mrs. Courtelyou manages to play both sides as a bystander with importance and when Mrs. Vizard takes the play away from Mrs. Bannerman (when she is to be married to Toby), by arranging for a TV performance on which Serenity House and its residents are to star, it is a new life for everyone (except Mrs. Bannerman -- and Toby). With a sponsor to add to the show's luster, the debacle is even greater when Mrs. Bannerman gets in her last, malevolent licks. A brittle exaggeration, of characters, incidents and chatter, this wears madcap bells in a world of extremes and unreality and literate lunacy. For pampered palates.

Publisher: Viking