MINDWAYS: A Guide for Exploring Your Mind by Louis M. & Margaret Ehlen-Miller Savary

MINDWAYS: A Guide for Exploring Your Mind

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This is a ""get-in-touch-with"" book (not to be confused with ""scratch-and-sniff""). ""Spend some time with your head in your feet,"" the authors counsel, ""and experience the world from there."" And that's not all that's topsy-turvy. Courtesy of the editorial ""we"" (""Five and six are the ages when we connive cleverly to enrich our happiness and self-confidence"") and mindless ""mindplay"" exercises (""See what happens when from your left hemisphere you salivate. Are you salivating?""), along with quotes from sources as diverse as Tolstoy and Behavior Today, the authors make a pitch for ""whole-mind learning"": the union of right and left hemisphere styles which unites ""feeling, imagination, intuition"" with ""logical, rational, and analytical mind activity."" There are few references to supportive studies, and there is little to indicate the principle upon which certain theories were chosen to serve as facts (considerable space is devoted to the eight yin and yang--feminine and masculine--styles of Jungian psychology). ""Whole-mind facilitators""--lovers, friends, parents, workmates, etc.--are neatly categorized (the ""Columbo-style teacher,"" like its detective namesake, ""teases the learner's mind""). A quick dip into ""holistic healing"" via nine summarized ""gateways to creativity"" for psyches shopping around.

Pub Date: Nov. 22nd, 1978
Publisher: Harper & Row