MY LIFE IN COURT by Louis Nizer


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A book devoted to relating famous cases, frequently if not always, contains more criminal cases than civil. This is understandable for it is the sensational criminal trial with its clever sleuthing and the surprise witness that captures the curiosity and holds the interest of the layman. But My Life in Court deals with six cases of charged and exciting interest, no one of which is a criminal case. The author, a brilliant student of the law, an eminent trial lawyer, takes the reader by the hand and introduces each of his cases with a treatment of the law involved, the essential facts, the preparation of the case to the minutest detail, and excerpts from the testimony. The six cases deal with different aspects of the law, of the type however that can be understood by laymen. The style is direct and orderly. The reader feels he is sitting at counsel table during examination and cross-examination, and enjoys the quiet, modest but effective manner in which he forces a witness to bare the truth without displaying any dramatics. Trial lawyers, law students and the general public will all find pleasure in this book.

ISBN: 1164514148
Publisher: Doubleday