by Louis Nizer

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An enquiry into the particular problems of German treatment after the war against the general problems of world peace. The author recapitulates the errors of past history and surveys the recommendations for the future. He traces the causes of the rise of Nazism, placing the blame for war not only on the leaders, but on the industrialists, the military, and the German people, indoctrinated as they are by German philosophers; he demands punishment for all, and indicates methods for preventing the recurrence of German militarism, for reconstructing the economic and financial policies, for eradication by education of the doctrine of Pan-Germanism. Here is history of conspiracy, treachery, the farce of reparations; here is advocacy for occupation, industrial as well as military, for disarmament, for the destruction of national sovereignty, under a period of probation until such time as Germanycan prove herself worthy of statehood. An extreme position and an interesting overall picture of German problems and the possible solutions.

Publisher: Ziff-Davis