TEACH-INS: U.S.A. by Louis & Ronald Radosh Menashe


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Reports, opinions, documents of the Teach-Ins that swept the campuses after the U.S. took to bombing North Vietnam (T-Day at the University of Michigan came on March 24, 1965, less than two months later). The views range from initiators Rapoport and Pilisuk through participants (12,000 at the University of California--""pure protest"") to commentators (James Reston on the decline of serious debates and the possibilities of this method), critics and defenders of the Administration (McGeorge Bundy for LBT). The purpose is variously interpreted as ""a marathon protest against U.S. policy in Vietnam,"" a seeking of non-violent alternatives to American violence. Historian Commager voices one attitude toward dissent and disloyalty, Nixon another (re Genovese). In the wrap-up, Senator Thomas Dodd weighs in against author Susan Sontag, who comes out and ends the volume swinging: ""Let's be angry, truly angry. Let's be horrified. Let's be afraid!

Pub Date: March 1st, 1967
Publisher: Praeger