HEART ATTACK! by Louis S. Levine


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This is a cautionary tale of a lawyer who in his early forties suffered both a stroke and a heart attack. In retrospect he admits there were warning signs: agonizing chest pains he thought were indigestion, irritability and other mood changes, fatigue, breathlessness. He denied them in spite of an exquisitely high-risk coronary profile: he was overweight, got little exercise, smoked, enjoyed fat-rich foods, was a hard-driving perfectionist, and had a family history of heart disease. Yet his first visit to the doctor led to his immediate hospitalization and the near-fatal events. As he recovered, he started to read everything he could about coronary disease and its treatment to make up for past muddleheadedness. The result is a personal book which describes what happened to him in the intensive and coronary care units as well as his panics, fears, discomforts, and depression. Both medical staff and close family emerge as major factors not only in preserving his life but in making that life worth living.

Pub Date: May 26th, 1976
Publisher: Harper & Row