FO'C'SLE WALTZ by Louis Slobodkin


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A trip to the Argentine on a freighter, strictly pre-war and minus rose-colored glasses. The artist has a grinning propensity for recognizing peculiar, non-tourist characters and situations which makes this a comedy of errors and mishaps, of glasses, a beard and a hat, of an innocent with preconceived ideas about seagoing life. A travel book not confined to the scenic, amplified with personal anecdotage and bright reporting. The work, from joining ship in the East River, disperses any idealism; the long days at sea, the interest the men show in his sketching; character and labor conflicts provide compensation. Arrival in the La Plata is signal for skirmishes with local authorities, for varied approaches to available women, for stalling when work's to be done. Then the return trip, in hurricane season, without a cargo, breeds trouble; Slobodkin stages a one-man mutiny, with unmaritime results. Not for Our Conservatives -- wholly male world, speech and activities...

Pub Date: Oct. 30th, 1945
Publisher: Vanguard