GOGO: The French Sea Gull by Louis Slobodkin

GOGO: The French Sea Gull

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Gogo, a French gull, hungrily pursues a French ocean liner on its outward journey to New York. Marianna, a tiny American girl of French extraction, eagerly watches the bird, as he takes advantage of a bad siege of sea sickness and devours the uneaten food which the passengers are too ill to touch. He arrives in New York with the ship, and Marianna sadly lands, fearing she will no longer be informed of his adventures. But Gogo, always a gourmet, becomes a permanent appendage to the ship and his reputation travels far, even to the ears of Marianna. Both text and the author's illustrations sharply convey the atmosphere aboard an ocean liner and playfully treat the subject of French epicureanism. A refreshing journey for the younger cosmopolitans.

Publisher: Macmillan