MR. MUSHROOM by Louis Slobodkin
Kirkus Star


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As delicate in design as Mr. Mushroom's mint-leaf shoes, and full of surprises, Mr. Slobodkin's latest confection for children is a gem of a book. With a junior-size format (approx. 5"" x 6""), piquantly illustrated in gay colors, and with a simple but suspense full text, catchy with repetitive questions and answers, this is a happy participation book that will have the child gleefully shouting out the ""answers"" perhaps at the first reading. Mr. Mushroom ""lived under a...(where do you think?)...Under a MUSHROOM of course:- And there were his friends -- Mr. Mole, Mr. Mouse, Mr. Moth and especially Miss Mite. What happened when Mr. Mushroom, who ate MUSH (of course:), and drank MILK (of course:), married Miss Mite and gave a grand party under the MOON makes a cheerful tale and a game reminiscent of venerable alphabet chants. Here is good material for story telling groups. Sturdy board covers and jacket.

Publisher: Macmillan