LONG FEUD: Selected Poems by Louis Untermeyer

LONG FEUD: Selected Poems

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In this small volume the cream of the large crop of verse by Louis Untermeyer is brought together. His best work is humanistic, idealistic and romantic poetry. In the very first poem of this volume, ""A Displaced Orpheus"", he takes his stand against ""cold anxiety, where sentiment has been exchanged for sensibility, and where personal emotion has become impersonal detachment...It was chic to be unmoved, acute and clinical."" He decides instead to be himself, even if he has no audience. And so the following poems are the same old Louis Untermeyer. The ardor is commendable, but it is sadly true that he does not rank with the first rate poets of the non-detached school, the Miltons and the Shelleys and the Wordsworths and the Whitmans. He is not only a displaced Orpheus but a minor one. But one can hope that by example he may give courage to a school of brave and hopeful poets who will charge our spirits with new hope and enterprise. The older reader will find nostalgic pleasure here; the young a new flavor.

Publisher: Harcourt, Brace & World