PSI: What Is It? by Louisa E. Rhine

PSI: What Is It?

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""I woke up at three in the rooming after a disturbing dream -- one of those serial dreams which I've had before even if my husband said it must have been the meat loaf. I'd been reading a book called Hidden Channels of the Mind or Tracing Hidden Channels or Mind Over Matter (it doesn't really) by the wife of a professor clown at Duke University who did all kinds of experiments with cards and dice to prove that there really are other people like me with ESP or PK or PSI which is some special kind of subliminal IQ. Well, the next morning, at our library I took out this new book by the same professor's wife called PSI: What is It? and I realized I had read it all before even if the author said, 'the world has heard too little about it.' It sure must have slipped her channel of the mind or how else account for all that deja writ.

Pub Date: April 9th, 1975
Publisher: Harper & Row