MARY BRAY, Fashion Designer by Louise Barnes Galiagher

MARY BRAY, Fashion Designer

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This for the Junior High and High School girls interested in fashion designing as a career. The romantic aspects would point to the older group, but interest in the subject of clothes starts definitely by the early teens...Mary Bray was the heroine of Frills and Thrills, and now with her husband, a young aviator, in the service, she resumes her career as fashion designer. Wartime restrictions on materials give a timeliness to the vocational side -- and there is a good deal of technical, authentic information on clothes from an expert's viewpoint, making it a useful addition to the career book shelf. The story side -- Barry's being reported ""missing"", the family attitude, the work in the canteen, and Mary's faith and high moral -- all tend to make it more story and less vocation -- and of course all turns out well...So-so.

Pub Date: May 29th, 1945
Publisher: Dodd, Mead