THE GARDEN IN COLOR by Louise Beebe Wilder


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Close your eyes, open Mrs. Wilder's masterpiece and you'll think you've stepped into the secret garden of your dreams when you open them. Here is the garden you've planned and worked for -- but with a difference. This garden harmonizes. The colors are right and the blooms are right and the timing is right. Here the how, the what, the why and the when are all told, too. Gardening is really a matter of synchronization and to the average gardener fully as difficult as having an elaborate meal all turn out perfectly at the appointed time. Delphinium in a garden of lupine, lilies, soft violets, yellows, silvery grays and mauves may be a perfect inspiration -- but dump it into your own plot with harsh orange, red, bright greens, etc. and it loses its color and essential charm. For many years American gardeners have needed such a book, Miss Jekyl's book written with reference to the English climate, soil and plants being the only resource we've had. There are 320 plates -- 318 pages of text written in Mrs. Wilder's inimitable style which sounds like a large dose and a high price but the more you get of The Garden in Color the more you want. You could easily ""take"" a second volume if she's left anything out of the first.

Publisher: Macmillan