THE MEN AROUND HURLEY by Louise Blackwell


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The life of a small Alabama town covers the years 1931 to 1940, brings it from its low, but undefeated, depression days to the beginning of a war time comeback, and is mirrored through eight different episodes. When Big Buster arrives there is trouble for Jake and Cory; Bart Kennedy's despair is told by his daughter; Curley Johnson learns to suppress his yearnings to be an engineer; Mr. Hinson fights a successful battle to free his daughter for nursing school: Robert Donovan, the new teacher, fails, but gains wisdom in failing, to reform the local bad boy; Son Lewis' day's outing replaces shame with pride; dying Claude Yates manages a gesture of defiance; and Dr. Carr, enlisting, reviews the rewards of his decade in Burley and recognizes that it has not only proved itself but him. A composite portrait, this commemorates the durability of backwater personalities in unaccented terms.

Pub Date: Oct. 20th, 1957
Publisher: Vanguard