LITTLE RED NEWT by Louise Dyer; Norman Dyer Harris
Kirkus Star


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When Peter Morgan brings his teacher a little red lizard- like creature, none of the children are exactly sure what it is. But by the end of the year everyone in the class knows all about newts, and, incidentally, about several dozen other animals who come in contact with the newts. The children build their pet a terrarium, feed him, observe him through several cycles, and finally, when spring comes, put him back in the pond where he must spend his summer. This clear account of the habits of the newt, illustrated by Henry Bugbee Kane, is written in a simple, graphic style, which should give the young reader the sense that he is directly observing the animal in his various and interesting phases. It also describes a method which should be of help to the grammar school teacher in her handling of nature-study classes.

Pub Date: Aug. 14th, 1958
Publisher: Little, Brown