APOSTLE OF DEMOCRACY; The life of Lucy Maynard Salmon by Louise Fargo Brown

APOSTLE OF DEMOCRACY; The life of Lucy Maynard Salmon

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A biography of one of the country's great teachers of history, and, for the many years of her association, one of the stars in Vassar's crown. The students who took the opportunity to study under her -- and many who knew her outside class -- are a sure market for the book, which is a revealing picture of Vassar over a generation, with, of course, the focus on Miss Salmon's personality and her great contribution to educational method. One feels, in reading this, that she was indeed a generation ahead of herself, and that in her theories were latent the basic principles of progressive education. As straight biography, the book adheres almost too closely to Miss Salmon's ideals of the use of primary sources, -- letters, diaries, contemporary records; it would reach a wider public had the author allowed herself more latitude of interpretation, more objective sense of the story of a life that in itself reflected a whole era in educational history, and of a personality that was many faceted. Sell to historians, to teachers, to people interested in educational method, as well as to Vassar slumnae of the last decade of the last century and the first twenty five years of this.

Pub Date: June 24th, 1943
Publisher: Harper