RED BANTAM by Louise Fatio
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A French farm wife has a setting hen hatch out a tiny bantam's egg and the result is a tiny rooster who is persecuted by the entrenched standard model. He is not allowed to crow. He is not allowed near Nanette (a hennette) his true love. For his own good the farmer and his wife decide to sell him on the next trip to market. Red Bantam proves himself real king of the barnyard when, with typical Banty courage he saves his love and all her sisters by attacking a fox who invades the coop while the big noise, Big Rooster, hides out. The farmer and his wife decide to keep him. Red Bantam and Red Rooster swear eternal peace and crow a duet. Nanette, still attractive despite the loss of her tail feathers to the fox, accepts Red Bantam's courtship. The exclamations of the farmer and his wife are all in French and will prove irresistible to young imitators.

Pub Date: Feb. 8th, 1963
Publisher: McGraw-Hill