A WEEK AT THE MOST by Louise Field Cooper


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Another engaging, most agreeable dinner party of wickedly entertaining characters, domestic doings, middle- and teen-age love tremors, all wittily discharged by the graceful skill of Mrs. Cooper. Beneath an elderly and secret-mellowed bed, young William, drawn to his sanctuary by the normal irritations of a nine year old, ponders the vagaries of his family. It includes a lovely, glowingly selfish mother Elizabeth, a pleasant if occasionally obtuse father, a college-age sister stormily in love with someone who wears awful collars, happy Uncle Frank living in dusty comfort in the stables, and plain unmarried Aunt Net, arriving for ""a week's"" visit. In the ensuing problems which attend Net's involvement with an antiseptic suitor, and the unseemly will of a distant cousin who left everything to her chauffeur, it is the mighty masseuse, Mrs. Riviere, with her little venom-yellow utility bag, and an aged client, who inadvertently tip and right the family applecart. Net finds her true love, and alas, William's sanctuary is about to be whisked away....A comfortable, amusing tale--the very best in women's reading.

Pub Date: May 5th, 1967
Publisher: Simon & Schuster