WIDOWS AND ADMIRALS by Louise Field Cooper
Kirkus Star


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A delicious mull of enchanted summers and the drowsy genius of an established summer colony highlight some sedate capers in this witty and delightful comedy. Tiny Bee McIlvaine arrived at Flanders Point for the summer with an ill formed but steadfast urge for revenge. Her arrival is greeted with mild courtesy and active interest by the old inhabitants and she meets her enemy, Josephine nee Watson, McIlvaine, her late husband's second wife. Bee's stratagems all collapse until bachelor Philip, a friend of Josephine's, appears as a possible catch. Watching the carryings-on are some magnificent octogenarians, and there is the babble of irreverent maids, the buzz of acclimated natives. In the bland cheer of Flanders Point, Bee retreats as if urged gently out by invisible hands and Flanders Point claims its own. Marvelous for hammock reading.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster