AMERICA'S GARDEN BOOK by Louise & James Bush-Brown
Kirkus Star


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As complete as any gardener needing a book could ask, answering every question, anticipating every problem, outlining every step by seasons in the garden year, classifying every likely specimen in every group, perennials, annuals, trees, evergreens, vegetables, house plants, vines, green house culture, diseases and what-would-you. The Bush-Browns have made an exhaustive study of America's garden problems, pests and produce without exhausting the reader. In fact this book will be worth its weight in gold and years of experience to even the expert horticulturist. The average gardener would kill himself acquiring a smattering of its contents by the trial and error method. Here it is simply and succinctly put at their service, a fund of priceless knowledge, a library in itself. Trying to describe it is a waste of time, suffice to say it has everything and every gardener should have it.

Publisher: Scribner