LUNCACEPTION by Louise Lacey


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What's dubiously new? ""Nature's own form of female human contraception"" which is really as old as the rhythm method, although here, with great enterprise, a thermometer, lights and a marking pen, author Lacey established that she could bring her own cycle in sync with that of the moon. (Except when moments of extreme stress threw it out of whack.) Before we reach this healthier, and more harmonious, natural method of non-childbirth, she attacks every other form of contraception with ""voluminous and frightening"" and ridiculous charges. She's also read a great deal -- from the Physician's Desk Reference to assorted studies of earlier origin to Gay Gaer Luce and Dr. Rock. Right on she claims that women are only fertile in 12-hour stretches, once a month. (This is obviously incorrect.) By the last page she's extended the fertility period to four and a half days. On page 140 she contends that ""sleeping in the dark during menstruation may make your periods shorter in duration and heavier."" This is repeated almost word for word on page 142. What happened to that blue marking pen? In any case, utter moonshine.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1975
Publisher: Coward, McCann & Geoghegan