MADE IN POLAND by Louise Llewellyn Jarecka


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Another in a series (Made in India, Made in China) which is much more than a contribution to the study of national crafts and arts. It is the story of a romantic, religious and intensely creative people, whose deep sense of beauty has been expressed in every field of artistic endeavor. This well-integrated story of their contributions is obviously the product of careful research as well as expression of a great love and understanding of the subject. There is only incidental historical significance, and nothing of political or contemporary social significance, but the feel of the life, the music, the arts, the folk customs, and their expression in native crafts makes an informative and often moving book. Fairly solid reading- but the mid teens and upper teens and young adults should find plenty of reference value here.

Pub Date: April 18th, 1949
Publisher: Knopf