A HORSE FOR X. Y. Z. by Louise Moeri


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Solveig knows all along that Snake Dancer is a special horse; that's why, smarting because she wasn't allowed to ride him during the weeks at camp, she slips off the departing schoolbus, planning one glorious ride before Miss P., who's bound to miss her, has the bus turn back. But the bus doesn't return; instead there are four men looking for Snake Dancer, who, Solveig then discovers, is a valuable race horse they have stolen, dyed, and hidden out at the camp. Solveig thus spends her next two days avoiding the armed men, waging a dominance battle with Snake Dancer, and sleeping out in a rain so torrential it floods the bridge to the highway--hence the absence of rescuers until the helicopters arrive for the slam-bang finale. A girls' story combining a fine horse, dangerous crooks, and rugged ordeals can hardly lose; and better yet, Moeri brings more skill and conviction to the writing than the ingredients would lead you to expect.

Pub Date: June 30th, 1977
Publisher: Dutton