THE DREAMBREAKERS by Louise Pennington


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A tiresomely dull, predictable first novel from Pennington (who is, according to her publishers, ""baroness/wife of the British Ambassador to Holland""). Slinkily beautiful Francesca (""Frankie"" to her friends) Gaetini has just been made chairman of the huge London advertising firm of Gaetini & Kemp (founded by her dad)--much to the dismay of colleague and male chauvinist pig Vic Brunning, who wanted the job. When he's not having steamy sex with his compliant secretary Zoe, Brunning schemes endlessly against Frankie--and finally leaves the company after stealing her favorite account. In the meantime, Frankie has a brief, passionate affair with Matthias, a charismatic rock star turned evangelist (she's plotting a grand world publicity strategy for him); quarrels with her obnoxious mother and brother (she finds out she's adopted); and, finally, falls for a cute Frenchman named Phillipe--all the time fighting off challenges to remain in charge of Gaetini & Kemp. Substandard.

Pub Date: June 6th, 1990
Publisher: Simon & Schuster