ADOPTION...AND AFTER by Louise Raymond


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An inclusive and intelligent discussion of the special area of adoptive parents and adopted children should be of pertinent interest to adults planning to adopt and to families who already have. For this in exploring the problems that are the same throughout all childraising indicates the different connotations to the adopted child and his parents, underlines the shif of approach ordinarily applicable to the biological child, and maps the tightrope of understanding created by an artificial situation which has created a family in an artificial way. From its beginning, in briefing the couple who plans to adopt- examining the emotional disturbance caused by the knowledge of sterility or barrenness, preparing for agency interviews, understanding the ways in which these agencies operate to protect both child and parent -- through its consideration of the many stages of relationship through the teen ages, it maintains a constructive, aware and healthy attitude, sensitive to the fears and worries of both parties. There's able and unders tanding counsel here as well as practical guidance that is valuable for both new and old adoptive parents, and that should make it well recommended in its field.

Publisher: Harper