THE FARMER AND HIS COWS by Louise & Richard Floethe
Kirkus Star


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Farm study is the focal point for unit study in many primary grades. Often there are class visits to dairy farms. This latest Floethe book compares the dairy farm of today and yesterday. Not so long ago the farmer sat on a three-legged stool to milk his cows. Now an electric milking machine saves many farmers. Electricity means too he need ely no longer on a lantern to guide him in the barn at dawn. The contrast stretches to echanical pasteurization, to tractors and hay balers. More factual than their earlier If I Were Captain and The Winning Colt this should dovetail neatly with primary curricula: it has large bright ingenuous pictures, can be read easily by many second graders and should serve as good ignition for discussions about the farm and the past in general. More for school use than for the family reading circle. Reinforced and side sewn.

Publisher: Scribner