THE COMPLETE PORK COOKBOOK by Louise Sherman & Corrinne Hardesty Schoon


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The pig is indeed a versatile animal and the authors have assembled 400 recipes, but it doesn't matter: be very selective. The appetizers are especially discouraging--the usual deviled ham glop, plus such dubious novelties as bacon-wrapped watermelon pickles. As to the chops and roasts, about half the recipes are perfectly serviceable; pork chops cooked with white wine or apples, or even prunes, are hard to beat. But in other cases the authors cover up the meat with too many condiments and competing flavors (like maple syrup, in chops Tahitian style)--and whoever heard of spreading a pork roast with shortening before baking? Spareribs take better to this kind of exotic, candied treatment and there are ten recipes from which to choose. The promised chapter on pork variety meats gives standard recipes for chitterlings, pig's knuckles, head cheese, etc.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1977
Publisher: Stein & Day